More Accessible and Comfortable Stairs    

Unfortunately, elevators can be out of order because of emergency or breakdown, and most of buildings have no 5-10% ramps like an alternative, because room is very expensive.

We aim to redesign stairs and wheelchairs, for improving building accesibility, where there is no room enough for installing a 5-10% ramp.

 If you are an entrepreneur, aware of the accessibility problems of wheelchair users, and you would like to collaborate on this project, please contact us:


Step Climbing Energy = Weight . Step Height

Constant Step Climbing Work = Force1 . Radius . Arc b
Step Climbing Energy = Constant Step Climbing Work

Step Height = 18 cm ; Step Lenght = 28 cm; Radius = 30.7 cm

Force1 = (Weight x 18 cm) / (30.7 cm x 1.203 rad) = 0.4873 x Weight

Force2 = Weight . cos(pi/6) = 0.866 x Weight

Force1 / Force2 = 0.56 = Force Reduction Ratio